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We all love shopping.

Please we need your help to expand this page.

Have a local shop or have something to sell?

If it is to raise funds for our cats or a good place to shop for cat related items, this is the page for you. We are happy to add your details here..

Thank you!

Fundraising Group on Facebook

Have something to sell? Support us by donating 10% to our cats or just pick up a bargain.

Our fundraising group gives you the opportunity to sell your items and help us in the process.

Thank you so much!

From Bric N Brac to Mobile phones or handmade goodies by our members like these beautiful cardies below. Go to group and check for availability!

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Explore Our Wide Range of Pet Supplies

Pet Home Alone Key Rings

A must for every pet parent! Peace of mind that your beloved, furry family member/s will be looked after if the unthinkable happens and you fall ill or get hurt.

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