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A must for every pet parent! Peace of mind that your beloved, furry family member/s will be looked after if the unthinkable happens and you fall ill or get hurt.


Our Home Alone Key Tags are designed for emergency personnel to contact your family, friends or a dedicated person to care for your pet/pets should you become ill or injured.

An absolutely must if you live alone, but also for families, as they will be out and about working, school or travelling etc. In that case just add a live-in family member’s contact details, which also ensures they are being notified about any accident you may have

They are not available in stores

Those key fobs are made from lightweight, durable PVC plastic, similar to credit cards, lasting virtually forever.

Our new design has a special coating which allows you to write your details on the back, so no need for a card to accompany your fob in your wallet or purse!

Hover over image to enlarge!

Tap on Touch Screens

Writing on Plastic:

You can use a basic Biro, however not all Biros are made equal. Some may work and some don’t, depending on the ink used in the pen.

A fine tip permanent marker is the better choice though, but sadly not all permanent markers are permanent.

Our fobs have a special coating to ensure writing is possible, but you still need the right marker or it will smudge or come right of if getting a little wet.

Tip: Cover it with clear nail varnish to secure the ink if you do not have the right marker!

They will be available to buy for only £1.99 at our table top sales.

If you can’t wait to own one or want to find out were and when the next table top sale is on, please contact us via our facebook group.