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Most of us cat enthusiasts have experienced the tragic loss of a much loved feline.

Please tell us your story to with others and your babies will have a permanent place on this page to remember them with love.

Please fill out the form below if you like to contribute.

Group Members Only!

By Janet

The group were alerted to a cat that was in the wildlife garden at Penhale School. As we were the nearest Tim and I went over to scan for a chip. We met an old black and white cat that was deaf and severely matted. I scanned him but he didn't have a chip.

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Professor Penhale 5/5/2018.



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By Zoë

Mr Patchy was a stray that was hanging around outside in 2006 we then had some really bad snow and he nearly froze we took him in and well he never left, he very quickly learnt what time we would get home from work and he would wait for us everyday.                                        


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Mr Patchy


By Mick

Smudge & Mops were half sisters from 2 separate litters from the same mother, less than 3 months apart. My other have had them both from 8 weeks old, with a long garden where they grew up in Fareham.    



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Mops & Smudge