He became our world, the most demanding cat ever, he became our shadow, and my best friend, he would come when you called and hated any doors closed, He never left the garden as he hated being to far away from us, but loved sun bathing and when to hot he loved his umbrella up, he wouldn’t eat unless we were there, and wouldn’t eat for anyone else so that was the end of our holidays, He had 13 amazing years with us he became very well known all over the world and had a large twitter following as well as lots of fans on Facebook, he even had a range of products made in his name in the US But sadly became poorly with a range of illness around 2016 we did our best for him 3 monthly visits to the vets where he would protect to the vet by pooping on their shoes, he took 5 lots of meds a day always with his treats and tuna. He become so fussy with food that we would buy a range of foods a week and sit with him at all hours day and night getting him to eat, He loved this 3-4am morning wake call for breakfast till sadly 24th May 2019 he became so poorly we had to let him go over to rainbow bridge along with a bit of our heart. We miss him so so much, He definitely was the best cat and friend anyone could ask for .